A delightful affair from a delightfully eccentric man who wanders from gig to gig and catches sleep on other people’s sofas.
With Behold a Pale Horse Canadian born, Scottish singer-songwriter Aaron Wright has produced a brilliant five track EP that seems to have harnessed his eccentricity.
Origami Me is a quirky three and a half minute track full to the brim of cheery keyboard and trumpets accompanied by brilliant but obscure lyrics, an excellent track to open on, certainly one that’s likely to draw you back.
Calmer but just as brilliant, Go On Yer Self is an example of the power of Wright’s voice, the lyrics, on occasion, are somewhat poetic and poignant, the song itself is enjoyable. There isn’t much, if anything, to criticise.
Taking a bit of a slower pace Takes One to Know One is more proof of Wright’s lyrical ability, he has a way with words that most songwriter’s would be jealous of, although it’s not the most memorable song on the EP. Rainbow Girl is a slight return to the quirky form of Origami Me, everything seems to be polished and happy, although short the impression it makes is not one that is left behind easily. Another slow-paced song but not as impressive as the others, the lyrics once again are a highlight but perhaps the most memorable thing about this track is the barking at the start, Behold a Pale Horse provides glimpses of brilliance imbued with the odd flash of originality, Aaron Wright & the Aprils have come together to create something a little bit exciting, however with a guy who has a tendency to wander without warning, at the helm who knows if they’ll produce something else.

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