STREETS OF HASTINGS – Three Streets To The Wind

Twitter is a wonderful thing; I’ve become rather addicted to it over the last year or so (come say hi to me here). It’s not only allowed me to keep up with news and interact with like-minded sorts, but it’s also provided us with links to musicians and bands who might not otherwise cross our paths.
Streets of Hastings are a classic example of this, a band that were suggested to us by a friend and who subsequently got in touch to ask us to review their forthcoming album “Three Streets To The Wind” (cracking title guys, nicely done!).
There’s some top stuff here too, Comfort No More starts with a bass line care of Jason “Trucker” Bedard that you feel before you hear, while Sea Bag starts with a simple guitar riff from Phil Alexander and builds from there into a solid rock track.
The undoubted centre piece of the album though is the superb 1812 (Proud Canadians), a Celtic-punk chugger with a chantalong chorus that has me reaching for my Leafs jersey and pining for some Moosehead (and this from a guy who has lived his whole life in England, god only knows what effect it would actually have on a Canuck)!
The sound here is all built on the rock solid foundations of Larry Peyton’s drums (and Bodhran and occasionally rub board too). He keeps the beats simple, but that just makes it all the better for his band mates to jump off.
With other tracks having titles such as Drinkin’ Like It’s Free and Sláinte it’s no surprise to see a cover of House of The Rising Sun here, but the band handle the old standard without it sounding stale – no mean feat!
Overall this is a great first album for a band who wears their Celtic influence on their sleeves, rather than shoving it down the listener’s throat. I can’t help thinking though, that as good as this album is (and it certainly is good), it’s not a patch on SoH’s live show…

3 Comments on STREETS OF HASTINGS – Three Streets To The Wind

  1. Denis Bussière // March 8, 2012 at 2:48 am //

    Can’t wait for the release!

  2. it’s a great album

  3. Sharon Peyton // March 10, 2012 at 11:30 pm //

    I am so so proud of all the boys…it takes alot of hard work and didication to put this all together. I know their CD will be a great success…mostly because it’s different,a great variety of sounds and choices But most of all because they are truly a great band to listen to and enjoy…so folks get out and enjoy their release show and buy that Cd…you will truly enjoy every song. Love you guys.Show them all what you got! You will blow their minds!!

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