SINGLES CORNER! 01/06/2009


Ooh, Holdfast have got a little heavier (well, on record at least). This features some really beefy guitar courtesy of Adam, that really juxtaposes nicely against Roberta’s vocals. As always Toby & Ben propel the band along at pace and the whole here is possibly their most accomplished track yet. If you like White Lies or The Joy Formidable, there’s plenty to enjoy here!

THE KRAK – Estate Dwelling
Not On Your Radio

It sounds at first like you’re going to get a Red Hot Chili Peppers track, but as soon as the vocals kick in this is a quintessentially British tune, what the Kooks might write if they’d grown up in a working class environment. Tom Lattimer’s vocals have an element of Mike Skinner about them too, he sounds like an urban poet while the band as a whole show here that they have a knack for a catchy chorus!

Snow Angel

For anyone who heard Hafdis’ last album, this will come as a bit of a shock, being a lot less cutesy than her previous work. Not that it lacks the charm of the lady herself. It’s a nicely put together song and the subject of Alain Robert, the man who climbs skyscrapers barehanded (Kongulo is Icelandic for spider) is an interesting one. A nice track to whet the appetite for Ms Huld’s next album then.


Fat Cat

More mainstream than their last single this track sounds like a more rocking Snow Patrol getting jiggy with Maximo Park. But in a good way… Yet again the Jetpacks lads have thrown their stuff together and created an anthemic track. With singles like these, the album is all set to be awesome!

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