KODIAK JACK Live @ The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmout


Well, it was a Friday night in Portsmouth and Kodiak Jack had definitely pulled out some stops.  A four band line-up (including Buffalo Clover, visiting from Nashville) meant that there was a pretty varied crowd, and plenty of people milling around and looking cheerful.

First up were the visitors from the US of A, the excellent Buffalo Clover.  I bloody loved them – I parted with some of my hard earned wages to buy their CD.  Bluesy, ballsy, harmonic and raw all at the same time, this is a band I will definitely be listening out for in the future.  Their singer is compelling and massively talented, the band are tight and perform like they’re born to it, and the overall affect is hair-rising.  Cracking band, check ‘em out.

Next up were Davy’s Gripp – a generic metal based outfit who’s singer looks like a plumber and sounds like he has the archetypal rawk voice. They were alright, but to be honest, altogether too much of their set was taken up by the guitarist’s 80’s style shredding: my attention definitely waned, and I found myself thinking ‘yes mate, I get it, you can play guitar.’  It was OK, just not brilliant.

Third on the bill were Xenthetix – a metal crew with a bit more about them.  They were enthusiastic and had great stage presence, stereotypically shaped black guitars, and the singer has a cracking boom of a voice.  I very much enjoyed their screechy, atmospheric echoing sound.  Would see them again.

And so we finally came to the main attraction of the night – ol’ KJ themselves. I shan’t lie, I like Kodiak Jack – this is why I signed up to review them.  I like their big rock sound, I like their proper riffs and bombastic vocals.  I like their big choruses and their cheesy grins as they stand on stage doing what they clearly love.  Well, this night was no exception – buoyed along by the fact that it was a Friday night, everyone in the band looked well up for this gig, and seemed to be enjoying the space to roam on a proper stage.  The vocals sounded resonant and immense, and all those layers of guitar just hit the ears like liquid rock goodness. And then you get their drummer, who is absolutely bloody brilliant.  What’s not to love? In fact, I even went back to the merch stand and achieved myself a T-shirt.  That should tell you everything you need to know.

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  1. I am speechless at the review above about Davys Gripp. It was the first time I heard them and I thought they were fantastic. The guitarist, yes, was great and Who wants to see a guitarist just stand there motionless. The lead singer of the first band with her tamberene was just as energetic so you should comment on that too. Buffalo Clovers music was the same throughout, each song sounded the same. I would also to comment on Kodiak Jacks guitarist leaping off stage to which he actually messed up and styled it out with some sore of gymnastic roll. I thought these were supposed to be the greatest band in Portsmouth, well, their lack of fans that night proved they were not. Don’t get me wrong, they were good so will not be negative about them, but before you critise a great band like davys gripp, who by the way, got the best cheers that night from the crowd, you need to listen and attend more venues and research you supposedly specialise subject of music and journalism.

  2. thanks for your comments Michelle. Music is subjective… some things you like, some you don’t. Just because one of our team didn’t like a band doesn’t mean they’re bad, I think you’re confusing opinion and fact!
    That said I don’t recall us ever saying that Kodiak Jack were the best band in Portsmouth!

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