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junkstarLast year I came across a duo here in Portsmouth whose music intrigued me and left me wanting to learn more. Junkstar-Baby aren’t cool, they’re not particularly stylish or “on trend”. Instead they’re a pair of well-versed performers who write interesting and engaging music. I made contact with the band and promised to write a little introductory piece about them. Then they upped sticks & moved to Scotland and, well, I kind of forgot to write the post (sorry folks). They’re back now though and will be picking up on their gigging in the near future.

Maria Ede-Weaving and Steve Arnott are both veterans of the south coast music scene, performing solo and with bands from the late eighties onward, building up the experience that they have put to use on some excellent new material. At first listen it was clear that these were two performers thoroughly at ease with each other. Their voices merge effortlessly into a single sound, neither drowning the other out but rather weaving about the acoustic guitar accompaniment. It’s a simple approach, but one that works wonders. Take for instance the gorgeous The Kings of Nothing, a track that I could listen to for hours and that works as a perfect example of their technique.

The duo are open about their influences. When I first contacted them Steve told me they’d been listening to a lot of Civil Wars, John Grant and a bunch of artists (Robin Adams for example) from Steve’s Glasgow roots. All of these show in Junkstar-Baby’s music, in their approach to music and lyrics. That’s not to say these two are merely performing pastiche though, rather that they allow themselves to be informed by the music they love.

Suffice it to say then, that I really like Junkstar-Baby. They write honest, simple and effective music. Go listen and I think you might well find you like them too!

Junkstar Baby will be at the Golden Eagle in Delamere Road Southsea on Sunday October 20th at 2pm.

You can listen to the band here: http://soundcloud.com/junkstar-baby

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  1. Dot Arnott // October 7, 2013 at 9:04 am //

    Thank you for that nice introductory piece. Steve is my son and Maria is his partner. My husband and I are extremely proud of what he has achieved. It is so nice when someone like yourself makes nice comments. Hopefully this article will convince others to listen to some great talent.

    Dot Arnott.

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