SINGLES CORNER! 07/09/2009

It’s a singles corner with a twist this week, we’ve got a new reviewer. Things have started to get busy here at Call Upon The Author and rather than keep letting things slip, we’ve got some fresh blood to share their opinions with you. There’s one gentleman still to introduce yourself, but today Emma joins us with her take on this weeks single releases

PLACEBO – Never Ending Why

The first listen of Placebo’s latest offering almost makes you think of their mid-nineties heyday, bringing to mind classics such as Bruise Pristine. However a rockier guitar sound makes this a potential favourite for any ‘alternative’ club night.

ZERO 7- Medicine Man
Atlantic Records

A good first release from their forthcoming album but it feels as though they may have missed the boat with a September release date. With a distinctly summery vibe tinged with early Prince you can’t help but feel this would have been a fantastic soundtrack for a day at the beach.

Sunday Best

Featuring Rodney P and Lindy Layton, this track conjures up images of chilled out sunny Sunday afternoons. The Influence of Beats Internationals is apparent and not just in their choice of Layton as vocalist but also in the laid back vibe of the song.

LR ROCKETS – Renee Loves Losers

Proving that Ramones influenced pop-punk is definitely not dead, Renee Loves Losers is a forceful guitar-led track. One first listen this is easily dismissed but stick with it, this tale of anti-romance will win you over.

Island Records

A definite favourite here at Call Upon The Author, Drumming song is another fine example of Florence’s fine talent. Right from the opening the passion in her vocals and the intensity of the backing music draws you in.

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