MUMFORD & SONS – Sigh No More

I have a confession to make… I was absolutely dreading listening to Mumford & Sons debut album. They’ve been the hype band of the year (you know, the one that bloke who claims to know everything about music keeps banging on about and claiming to have been watching for years…) and generally that means I won’t understand the appeal. Last year, for instance, it was Glasvegas that everyone was gushing over and I still can’t understand all the excitement. Anyway, back to this album. I was wrong.
There, I said it.
There’s a wonderfully rich old time Americana feel to Sigh No More. It’s the album I was hoping for when I first heard Fleet Foxes, impressive stuff for a bunch of Londoners! From the opening we have excellent musicianship, but this really comes to the fore with the beautiful ‘Winter Winds’, where Marcus Mumford’s very English folk vocal (it almost feels like an old madrigal) drifts over banjo, strings and even the odd horn, it’s a beautiful mix that is far better than the sum of it’s parts. Perhaps the best track here though is the haunting ‘White Blank Page’, a song that conjures up bleak winter mornings far from towns and cities in places where time seems to stand still… this is a stunning song.
Perhaps the greatest strength of this album lies in the fact that it feels like a lost old recording… it’s hardly going to feel out of date in a few weeks, is it?

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  1. So the thumbs up from Call Upon The Author then ! I’ve also have a review written, but I’m holding it back until at least Monday. The album has had quite a few ‘average’ reviews from the established press, partly I feel because the album is ‘safe’ ‘nice’ and ‘not experimental’ enough for many journo types. However I have a big suspicion that the public are going to take this album to their hearts in a big way, and the album may chart in tomorrows album charts much higher than many would I expect. This is why I haven’t put up my review yet, because in it I am arguing that I think it is one of those albums that the public will like even if the people who write for the Independent, The Guardian etc don’t. So I need to wait for the chart position of the album to back up my claims. If it doesn’t go Top 40 I may have to do some serious editing. I have a sneaky hope it’s going to chart much higher than Top 40 though. Much much higher….. (Gulp ! Time for potential egg on my face !)

  2. I agree Robin, I think it will chart well above 40. I was disappointed, but not surprised to see the album get some quite mixed reviews, but I do think the band are a little tainted by hype, sadly.

  3. Phew. No egg on face.

    Number 11. Not bad at all.

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