NEWSFLASH: I Like Trains and Strange Death Of Liberal England Co-Headline Gig

I Like Trains are a band reborn, well known for their unique brand of forlorn and world weary music, this Leeds based collective have discovered a ray of light as evidenced by their new single ‘Sea Of Regrets’. It’s not exactly a happy track, but gone is the despair of the past, replaced with a glinting glimmer of hope! Inspired by the work of environmental scientists like George Monbiot and James Lovelock, the new single questions humanity’s place in nature’s cycle. It’s the first track from an album due early next year and one of many fresh new tracks the band will be debuting on their tour.
The Yorkshire pessimists will be joined onstage by a beaming ray of uplifting music care of The Strange Death Of Liberal England. The antithesis of I Like Trains’ gloom, TSDOLE’s music seems to come from another place entirely, with even their more downbeat tracks strangely heartening. To those who regularly attend local shows, these guys will need no introduction having played a sell out show at The New Theatre Royal this year and taking the prize for the first band of the day to have people queuing to try and catch them at Southsea Fest.
If that isn’t enough, there will be support from Nottingham’s own Swimming whose tunes recall Pixies, Animal Collective and all points in between. Portsmouth’s own Aeroplane Attack will be playing too, their epic, sprawling post rock instrumentals the perfect way to take an audience to another place and get them in the mood for a brilliantly diverse evening’s music.

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